Clothing Embroidery

Embroidery is an excellent technique as it deals with all types of garments from corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and other types of clothing you can think of. Embroidery is the perfect way to customise your clothing and ensure that your Brand name and logo is represented perfectly.

Usage of Embroidery

Embroidery is the perfect way to customize the uniform of your staffs and it also creates excellent brand recognition. In the first place, the designed provided by you is stored in a file format, commonly known as DST file. We will use this file and the running sheet to tell our machines exactly how your embroidery designs should be done to deliver a perfect finish.

After the file has been sent to the machine, the garments are then fixed to a point with the help of designed support, that keeps hold of the area of the garment that is embroidered, so that it does not move while it is being designed.

Samples of Embroidery:

Embroidery is a long-lasting and very durable technique. Colours are limited to the thread colours available so if you have any doubts as to the colour you want to use we would recommend sampling first.


  • Always produces high-quality finish
  • Stylish and sophisticated look
  • Excellent durability


  • Difficult to achieve exact replications of complicated designs
  • Uses on single colour threads and stitches to re-create designs
  • Initial setup fee makes it unsuitable for small quantity orders
  • Minimum recommended order quantity is 25 units
  • Light weight products cannot be embroidered properly as they get distorted easily. The heavier the product the better.


Here we take a look at our clients so you can get the high-quality service that we're able to offer and the excellent printing that we've done in the past. We are always happy to advise our customers on the best printing technique for their order. Here we take a look at our clients so you can discover the high-quality service that we're able to offer and the excellent printing that we've done in the past.

Embroidery uses chain stitches, Which is stitched directly into the garment to produce the artwork. It is a traditional method and produces high quality looking items.
Although the initial costs of producing the garments are higher than using other techniques, embroidered designs will last the longest, so in combination with a high quality garment, this method can be the best value for money over time.
Embroidered artwork can have up to 15 colours, and our embroidery equipment can produce basic designs as well as more detailed artwork pieces.
Embroidery has a set up fee as the file needs to be digitised. Our set up fee is the lowest around with a standard rate of £12 for left breast sized design and £20 for a larger back design.
If you would like to know, if your artwork is suitable for embroidery, then please send it to us at
Embroidery does have some limitations. Designs may need to be simplified or slightly altered to suite the technique, but we will discuss all of these options with you.

Full Embroidered Clothing
Text and Logo on any Garment
Text and Logo On any School or Work Uniform

What more we offer

We aim to deliver a profesional service and originally designed clothes.

Embroidery & Academic Wear nimycollezioni

We can personalised a graduation gowns with your university logo for your  souvenir.

We make a design of your choise.

We can customise everything to meet your needs try our services to day and start speading news.

Company can provide a quality control, Alterations and sewing samples for companies.

    • Embroidery Prices

    • One Off Set Up Fee Logos and Designs from £20.00 Just Text from £10.00

  • Adults Garments
      • Polo Shrits ———————from £9.50
    • Sweatshrits——————— from £11.99
    • Hoodies——————— from £16.50
    • Zoodies ——————— from £20.99
    • Fleece jackets——————— from £18.99
    • T-shrits——————— from £5.99
  • Childrens Garments
    • Polo Shrits——————— from £9.50
    • Sweatshrits ——————— from £11.99
    • Hoodies ——————— from  £16.50
    • Zoodies——————— from  £20.99
    • Fleece jackets ——————— from  £18.99
    • T-shrits——————— from  £5.99
  • These prices are based on one position per garmentThese prices are based on one position per garment   THE MORE YOU DO THE LESS YOU PAY