Personalize your T-Shirts for everyone that you love, and embroidery is the perfect way to customise your clothing. A person should ensure that their name and logo is well represented. .

General Sewing

We will advise the best ways to alter and repair your garment. We will ensure you get the best service from us.

Academic & School Wear

We design gowns for graduation and school uniforms for kids, along with embroidery.

Caps Embroidery nimycollezioni

Caps Embroidery

Embroidered caps are a cost effective way to enhance your company profile.

Embroidery & Academic Wear

Personalised your graduation gown with your univesity logo for souvenir .You can also rent gown from us for your program.

Embroidery For Companies nimycollezioni

Embroidery For Companies

We supply large, medium and small businesses.

NIMY COLLEZIONI can help you in designing a professional looking uniform for your company or club. All you need to do is provide us with your business logo,Products and services


uniforms & staff wear

Sportwear / Clubs

medical uniforms

Waterproof clothing

industrial protective clothing

School/Uni/College Unifroms

Corporate merchandise

Leavers Hoodies

Chefs uniforms

Safety footwear

security uniforms

Corporate wear

Embroidery services

Special events / Stags+Hens / Trips / Holidays

For all your alterations, Repair, general sewing Services
  • We can alter and repair your garments.
  • We can sew your clothing from scratch.
  • We will give the best services that we can.
For your industrial Tailoring
  • We can do your quality control.
  • Alteration & Repairs for large quantities.
  • Sewing Samples for fashion companies.

Product catalogue

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What more we offer


We aim to deliver a professional service and sketch designs suiting your need.


We can personalize a graduation gown with the logo of your university for your souvenir.

design nimycollezioni

We make a design of your choice.

our services nimycollezioni

We can customise everything to meet your needs. Try our services today.

Alterations and sewing_nimycollezioni

Company can provide a quality control, Alterations and sewing samples for companies.