Success has been achieved with consistent high quality work. A comprehensive range of alteration services are made available from us: from replacing a zip to altering a bridal gown. We offer speedy and excellent customer service at competitive prices.
Our Garment alteration services include resizing, restyling, tapering, minor repairs, zip replacements, relining, patching and leatherwork.
We also alter and make curtains and soft furnishings.

Services & Pricing

When it comes to clothing alterations, repairs and tailoring, Nimy Collezioni in Milton Keynes, has got it covered Be it Getting your sleeves shortened, trousers, re-hemmed or a skirt taken in through to a bridal dress re-styled or a leather jacket 'made new', ours seamstresses and tailors are on hand to offer a professional and personal service.


  • Re-hem from £8
  • Tapered from £18
  • Alter waists from £16

Shirts & Blouses

  • Sleeves shortening from £15
  • Shirts / Blazers shortening from £18 Skirts/Dresses
  • Shortened from £16
  • Express Service
  • At Nimy Collezioni , we have listened to what our customers are saying and in direct response we have launched our 1 hr express service for minor repairs, zip repairs and hems.
  • We will advise you on the best way to alter or repair your garment (there may be more than one option) and whether it is a bridal gown, prom dress, school blazer or simply a pair of trouser we will ensure, you get the very best service.

If there is something you need altering or repairing and you can't find it on the website then please call us on 07830517212-07751391865 Ladies alteration offers alteration works with high quality finish. We specialise in Bridal alteration, of Ladies outfit, including mother of the bride, Bridesmaids, Prom dresses, Evening dresses, Beaded evening dresses, Ladies Tailoring and Daywear outfits for holidays or work.

  • Most things can be altered but there are always exceptions. I am happy to discuss this with you over a phone call.
  • As a general rule it is always advisable to buy a larger size if your size is not available, altering a garment to a larger size is not always possible and the results are not always satisfactory. Again I can advise over the phone.
  • We take five working days for your alteration to be completed and two weeks at busier times of year (May - September). For Bridal outfit designing and alteration, we take one month or two months when we are busy. (May - September).
  • Never under estimate the importance of underwear (bras), especially for the fuller cup figures, the right bra make an look perfect.

  • Welcome to Industrial Sewing

    we are experienced in all aspects of general industrial sewing and embroidery like; quality control, sample sewing alteration and repairs.

Tailoring Quality Control

TailoringAlterations Repair

TailoringDesign Making

What more we offer

We aim to deliver a profesional service and originally designed clothes.

Embroidery & Academic Wear nimycollezioni

We can personalised a graduation gowns with your university logo for your  souvenir.

We make a design of your choice.

We can customise everything to meet your needs try our services to day and start speading news.

Company can provide a quality control, Alterations and sewing samples for companies.

    • Alterations and Repairs

    • Dresses ,Shrits & skirts
    • Shorten a skirt/dress (unlined)——————– from £11
    • Shorten a skirt/dress(lined) ———————- from £16
    • Take in skirt/dress  ——————————– from £11
    • Shorten cuffbor sleeve ———————- from £11
    • Shorten straps ———————————- from £14
    • Lift shoulders  ———————————– from £14
  • Trousers & shorts
  • Rehem   ——————————————– from £4
  • Shorten ( without turn-ups)   —————-from £8
  • Shorten ( with turn-ups) ——————– from £8
  • Alter waist  ———————–    from £9
  • Reshaping ————————– from £11
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Shorten length of Jacket/coat——————- from £14
  • Tapering / Reshaping  ————————— from £11
  • Shorten sleeves (unlined)   ——————- from £14
  • Shorten sleeves (lined) ———————— from £16
  • Shorten vented sleeves ———————— from £18
  • Zips
  • Replace zip      ————————— from £7
  • Replace cocealed zip—————– from £11
  • Replace zip on leather garment  ———– from £24
  • Replace handbag ————————— from £9
  • Alterations and Repairs

  • Miscellaneous
  • Minor repairs adding patches ——–from £3
  • New buttonholes ———————- from £3
  • Add hooks/eyes or stud fastenings———-from £1
  • Sew on button(s)——————-from £1
  • Resizing bikini briefs————–from £9
  • General Sewing
  • Minor repairs adding patches ———–from £3
  • Top and Skirt —————– from £60
  • Depending on Style and lining
  • Single Top from ——————– from £25
  • Depending on Style and lining
  • Skirt from —————— from £25
  • Men Shirt ——————— from £35
  • Men Simple top without buttons —– from £25
  • Men Trouses —————from £20
  • Kids dresess —————— from £20
  • Kids dresses ————- from £15 to from £18
  • Kids Skirs ——————–from £15
  • Evening Dreses ———————– from £70
  • Dress ———————— from £35
  • Depending on the style
  • Cushion cover————————- from £2